HL7 V2.7 Final Edition 2011

Eine neue Version des HL7-Standards („HL7 V2.7 Final Edition“) ist nun verfügbar!

Mitglieder können den neuen Standard über den Mitgliederbereich herunterladen!

Description: Version 2.7 represents HL7’s latest development efforts to the line of Version 2 Standards that date back to 1989. Due to its widespread use, Version 2 will, no doubt, continue to play an integral part in healthcare messaging, even with the HL7 Version 3 Normative Edition. HL7 is committed to supporting and extending Version 2 in parallel with Version 3, providing continuity for current installations.

Global changes include the following:

  1. The introduction of Minimum and Maximum lengths and the establishment of length as normative
  2. The addition of Conformance Length definition.
  3. The placement of numerous tables to a new chapter, Chapter 2C, to simplify table referencing.
  4. The deprecation of the IS data type in favor of the CWE (Coded With Exceptions) data type.
  5. The introduction of the new IAR (Allergy Reaction) message in Chapter 3 Patient Administration
  6. The introduction of the new OML (Specimen Shipment Centric Lab Order) message in Chapter 4, Orders
  7. The introduction of the new SHP (Specimen Shipment Manifest) message in Chapter 7, Observations
  8. The introduction of the new PRT (Participant Information Segment) message in Chapter 7, Observations
  9. The introduction of the new Collaborative Care messages in Chapter 11, Patient Referral


Hinweis: Durch das Erscheinen von HL7 Version 3 werden bestehende Implementierungen mit HL7 V2.x nicht abgelöst!