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Establishing standards based data sharing via telemedicine for planned, long term follow up of cardiac implantable electronic devices as a routine procedure

Planned, long term follow up of cardiac implantable electronic devices, like pacemakers and defibrillators, today typically requires the patient to physically visit a resident cardiologist or even a hospital. There the implant data is read from the implant via a reader device. The data is reviewed by the cardiologist who then provides guidance to the patient and acts if necessary. Modern implants provide telemonitoring. The implant transmits data to the handheld patient device, which then hands it on over mobile communication to the server sided IT infrastructure of the implant vendor. From there the cardiologists who implanted the device can access the data, for example via IT interfaces or web portals. This initiative intends to promote the use of standardized exchange formats and IT protocols in order to enable implant vendors to provide the implant data to cardiologists in a harmonized electronic format that enables further automated processing of the data and to provide one interface to the clinical users for all implants, no matter which vendor. Large parts of these specifications are already available and will be considered, see the references. The market for implants is global, so this initiative invites all stakeholders to join and assure that the chosen solutions indeed support this global market.
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